Middlesex East Good Service Brooch & Certificate

Cecilia REDGRAVE Hendon Trefoil Guild 1999
Joyce WOODING Finchley & Friern Barnet Brownie Guider 1999
Gladys ROUSE Hendon Trefoil Guild 2000
Vi WOODHEAD Edmonton Trefoil Guild 2000
Tracy EDEL Southgate Guide Guider 2000
Mary BIRD Edmonton Guide Guider 2000
Marjorie HURN Edmonton Division Treasurer 2000
Linda FITZJOHN Edmonton Brownie Guider 2000
Margaret KIMSEY Enfield District Commissioner 2000
Cynthia GUBBINS Willesden Brownie Guider 2000
Margaret BENTON Wembley Division PR Adviser 2000
Barbara EDWARDS Southgate Trefoil Guild Member 2000
Rosemary ROBINSON Finchley & Friern Barnet District Badge Secretary 2000
Jean HOWLISTON Hendon Trefoil Guild 2000
Joyce DORRILL Edmonton Trefoil Guild 2000
Pat PARKIN Wembley Trefoil Guild 2001
Jenny BURDEN Edmonton District Commissioner 2001
Karen JOHNSON Edmonton District Commissioner 2001
Mary COULTER Hendon Trefoil Guild 2001
Catherine KING Hendon Trefoil Guild 2001
Beth BRAY Hendon Trefoil Guild 2001
Nina CLARKE Enfield Division Commissioner 2001
Anne HUDSON Wembley Division Commissioner 2002
Angela WESTON County Deputy County Commissioner 2002
Iris PRINCE County County Treasurer 2002
Nicole BORREMANS County Assistant County Commissioner 2002
Wendy JARVIS County Assistant County Commissioner 2002
Gill WALLACE Wembley District Commissioner 2002
Valerie BARTON Edmonton Division Commissioner 2002
Stephanie FREEMAN Hendon Northern Heights’ Treasurer 2002
Mary WHEELER County County President 2002
Brenda DEAS Finchley & Friern Barnet District Commissioner 2002
Kay STEELE County County Craft Specialist 2002
Sheila HUNT County County Fine Arts Specialist 2002
Pauline PESCOD Hendon Trefoil Guild 2003
Edna REVELL Hendon Trefoil Guild 2003
Edna COLE Edmonton Trefoil Guild 2003
Jenni MARTIN Edmonton Guide Guider 2003
Anne BATES Enfield Brownie Guider 2003
Pat LONG Hendon Trefoil Guild 2003
Peggy BRAND Wembley Brownie Guider 2003
Muriel SHAW Finchley & Friern Barnet Division Commissioner 2004
Eileen YEATES Finchley & Friern Barnet Trefoil Guild 2004
Freda HANCOCK Finchley & Friern Barnet Division Treasurer 2004
Dorothy KREEGER Wembley Trefoil Guild 2004
Margaret BARNES Wembley Trefoil Guild 2004
Joan PERHAM Wembley Trefoil Guild 2004
Jackie MANNERS Edmonton District Commissioner 2005
Marion SHUTE Willesden Division Commissioner 2005
Jenny DODD Barnet Guide Guider 2005
Helen EDWARDS Finchley & Friern Barnet Guide Guider 2005
Mel McWILLIAMS  Edmonton Guide Guider 2005
Clare LIVERMORE Enfield Guide Guider 2005
Liz MACKENZIE Enfield Guide Guider 2006
Mary DAWSON Enfield Brownie Guider 2006
Catherine SADLER Enfield Guide Guider 2006
Beryl WOOLLEY Enfield Brownie Guider 2006
Rosemary MILNS Enfield Brownie Guider 2006
Jane BURKE Enfield Brownie Guider 2006
Pam DANIELS Enfield Division Commissioner 2006
Janice MITCHELL Enfield Brownie Guider 2006
Jean BARLOW Enfield Brownie Guider 2006
Marilyn PORTER Enfield Brownie Guider 2006
Sandra BISHOP Enfield Division Camp Adviser 2006
Audrey SMITH Enfield Trefoil Guild Chairman 2006
Julie EMERY Enfield Guide Guider 2006
June PAGE Enfield Brownie Guider 2006
Grace HUGGET Enfield Guide Guider 2006
Jill HATTON Enfield Brownie Guider 2006
Sue GILLET Enfield Brownie Guider 2006
Georgina SHEPPARD Enfield Brownie Guider 2006
Elspeth BARLOW Enfield Brownie Guider 2006
Carol HEPDEN Enfield Brownie Guider 2006
Mary PAULUS Enfield Rainbow Guider 2006
Georgina GRIGG Enfield Brownie Guider 2006
Marilyn NORTHWOOD Wembley District Commissioner 2006
Anne BIGNELL Wembley Brownie Guider 2006
Janet TAYLOR Hendon County Commissioner Tutor 2006
Eileen EYTON Hendon Brownies Guider 2006
Carole BOWLEY Hendon Guide Guider 2006
Sheila GRODZINSKI Hendon Brownie Guider & PR Representative 2006
Sandra HALL Wembley County Trainer 2006
Tessa DAWTON Wembley Trefoil Guild 2006
Penny YOUNG Enfield County Trainer 2006
Anna NICHOLAS Enfield District Commissioner 2006
Julia GILBERT Enfield Duke of Edinburgh Award Adviser 2006
Jackie MERCHANT Hendon Brownie Guider 2006
Doreen OATHAM Southgate Brownie Guider 2006
Margaret HACKNEY County County Adviser for those with Disabilities 2006
Irene BARKER Enfield Trefoil Guild 2006
Jenny HOLT Barnet Brownie Guider 2006
Naomi BENSON County County President 2006
Marion BIRD Wembley Brownie Guider 2006
Jeanette GAYLER Finchley & Friern Barnet   2007
June WILSON Hendon Trefoil Guild Member 2007
Shirley PHILLIPS Willesden County Marketing & Information Adviser 2007
Ruth TUNKEL Finchley & Friern Barnet Guide Guider 2007
Sarah HAGGER Finchley & Friern Barnet District Commissioner 2007
Janet HOBBINS Enfield Trefoil Guild 2007
Christine MOORING Enfield Trefoil Guild 2007
Gladys GEE Enfield Trefoil Guild 2007
Jacqueline ALDER Edmonton Brownie Guider 2007
Kathleen MULVEY Haringey Division Commissioner 2007
Alison DESOER Southgate Rainbow/Brownie Guider 2007
Daphne GUNN Southgate Guide Guider 2007
Anne KIRK Willesden Brownie Guider 2007
Maria GMUR-PIERRE Willesden Brownie Guider 2007
Rosa FOULSHAM Willesden Rainbow Guider 2007
Zena LATCHAM Willesden Brownie Guider 2007
Lynne BISHOP Edmonton District Commissioner 2008
Christine SWALLOW Edmonton Brownie Guider 2008
Gwen PRICE Edmonton Trefoil Guild 2008
Alison NUGENT Barnet Division Commissioner 2008
Geraldine GRIFFITHS Southgate Division Commissioner 2008
Jane JONES Edmonton Brownie Guider 2008
Jacqueline MARTYR Enfield Division Commissioner 2008
Charlotte SPENCE Enfield Brownie Guider 2008
Betty SEWELL Enfield Rainbow Guider  2008
Karen ADLAM Enfield Guide Guider 2008
Siobhan BAILEY Enfield Brownie Guider 2008
Louise McNAMARA Enfield Brownie Guider 2008
Tracey RAINBOW Enfield Guide Guider 2008
June BORROW Enfield Rainbow Guider 2008
Janet MARTYR Enfield Trefoil Guild 2008
Susan MARSHAL Enfield Guide Guider 2008
Sheila BRADY Edmonton Guide Guider 2008
Caroline VOIGHT Edmonton Brownie Guider 2008
Louise JENKINS Edmonton Division Commissioner 2008
Lisa SYLVESTER Edmonton Rainbow Guider 2009
Alison JOHNS Finchley & Friern Barnet County Leadership Co-ordinator 2009
Caroline PALMER Southgate Brownie Guider 2009
Gill SMITH Southgate Rainbow Guider 2009
Chris ALLOWAY Wembley Trefoil Guild 2009
Helen ERRINGTON County Registration Secretary 2009
Sarah MATEJCZYK Haringey Division Commissioner 2009
Margaret KELLY County County Camp Adviser 2009
Frances KANTOROWICZ County County Pack Holiday Advisor 2009
Beverley POLLARD County Queen’s Guide Advisor 2009
Stephanie COOK County Queen’s Guide Advisor 2009
Ann BERGMAN Hendon District Commissioner 2009
Nicky BROWN Hendon District Commissioner 2009
Janet HAMILTON Barnet Brownie Guider 2009
Jacqui EDELMAN County County Guide Adviser 2009
Rebecca FREEDMAN Southgate Guide Guider & Division Camp Adviser 2009
Julie RISSBROOK Southgate Brownies Guider & Division Treasurer 2009
Pamela PERRY Hendon Guide Guider 2009
Gillian ELLEN Hendon Brownie Guider 2009
Marilyn ALBERT Hendon Brownie Guider 2009
Christine BLACKMORE Enfield Trefoil Guild 2009
Sheila NIELSEN Enfield Trefoil Guild 2009
Linda GRAY Enfield Trefoil Guild 2009
Ann THOMSON Enfield Trefoil Guild 2009
Hazel DANIELS Enfield Trefoil Guild 2009
Anne MALLOY Barnet Brownie Guider 2009
Elaine EYLES Barnet Brownie Guider 2009
Lin HOLT Barnet Brownie Guider 2009
Julie STAINTON Barnet Brownie Guider 2009
Hilary THOMAS Barnet Pack Holiday Adviser 2009
Eileen CLEARE Barnet Rainbow Guider 2009
Pamela LANE Barnet Brownie Guider 2009
Shiela Levi Barnet Trefoil Guild 2009
Maureen RODDICK Barnet Brownie Guider 2009
Karen LANDI Southgate Brownie Guider 2010
Claire AHMED Southgate Brownie Guider 2010
Tina TALBOT Southgate Brownie Guider 2010
Claire KEENE Southgate Brownies Guider 2010
Patricia DIMMOCK Enfield Brownies & Rainbow Guider 2010
Alison FOSTER Enfield Guide Guider 2010
Anita BARNES Enfield Guide Guider 2010
Lisa EVERARD Enfield Guide Guider 2010
Julia BAILEY Enfield Brownie Guider 2010
Wendy GAINS Enfield Brownie Guider 2010
Dorothy CRAWFORD Finchley & Friern Barnet Rainbow & Brownie Guider 2010
Clare OATHAM Southgate Guide Guider 2010
Diane COLMAN Southgate Brownie Guider 2010
Jinny PRIESTNALL Hendon District Commissioner 2010
Alison PERRY Hendon Guide Guider 2010
Diana TURPIE Hendon Trefoil Guild 2010
Mary CROPPER Barnet Brownie Leader 2011
Sarah Jane FAIRS Hendon Guide Leader 2011
Julie BILLINGHAM Southgate Brownie Leader 2011
Chris BETTIS Southgate Rainbow & Brownie Leader 2011
Sandesh ROWE Haringey Brownie Leader 2011
Marie EDWARDS Haringey Brownie Leader 2011
Julia BONUS Haringey Brownie Leader 2011
Christine RIDER Edmonton Brownie Leader 2011
Fay McWILLIAMS Edmonton Guide Leader 2011
Lisa STAMFORD Edmonton Guide Leader 2011
Tracey DOE Finchley & Friern Barnet Brownie Leader 2012
Penny AYLWIN Finchley & Friern Barnet Brownie Leader & Guide Leader 2012
Linda HAGGER Finchley & Friern Barnet Brownie Leader & Division Treasurer 2012
Laura BATES Finchley & Friern Barnet Brownie & Ranger Leader 2012
Jess KELLY County County Senior Section Adviser 2012
Sian MORGAN County County Brownie Adviser 2012
Nicola COOPER Southgate Camp Adviser, Cherry Green Trees 2012
Nadine COHEN Southgate Brownie Leader 2012
Lesley HENNESSEY Southgate Brownie Leader 2012
Teresa AYLING Southgate Guide Leader 2012
Lindsey RICH Southgate Rainbow Leader 2012
Lizzie LUXTON Southgate Ranger Leader 2012
Pauline SKIFFINS Southgate Guide Leader 2012
Val ORAM Southgate Brownie Leader 2012
Ruth POSNER Hendon Brownie Leader 2012
Elly BALMFORTH Southgate Ranger Leader 2012
Jean ALDERMAN Southgate Trefoil Guild 2012
Sophie TEFF Southgate Brownie Leader 2012
Sylvia KINGSLEY Wembley Trefoil Guild 2012
Sarah DAVIDSON Finchley & Friern Barnet Brownie Leader 2012
Charlotte SEYMOUR Finchley & Friern Barnet Guide Leader 2012
Toni DIETMANN Finchley & Friern Barnet Guide leader & Senior Section Leader 2012
Ray WICKS County Trefoil Guild Chairman 2013
Julie-Ann WATSON Finchley & Friern Barnet Guide Leader 2013
Charlotte ALLEN Finchley & Friern Barnet Rainbow Leader 2013
Marion SHUTE County Arts Adviser & Join Us
Fia BARNETT Finchley & Friern Barnet Guide Leader 2013
Karen BINNS Barnet Guide Leader & Division Commissioner 2013
Lynda EADE Southgate Brownie Leader 2013
Ann WATSON Southgate Rainbow Leader 2013
Julie NETHERCOAT Barnet Guide Leader 2013
Doreen HUDSON County County President 2013
Lesley FISHPOOL Enfield Brownie Leader 2013
Claire FENWICK Enfield Brownie Leader and Senior Section Leader 2013
Emma SMYTH Enfield Guide Leader 2013
Mavis HOLLIDAY Enfield Rainbow Leader 2013
Diane JONES Enfield Rainbow Leader 2013
Louise FREEMAN Enfield Brownie Leader 2013
Emma QUARE Enfield District Commissioner, Guide Leader & Rainbow Leader 2013
Clare WHEELER Enfield Guide Leader 2013
Carole VAN DER WATT Enfield Senior Section Leader & Guide Leader 2013
Stephanie WOODS Enfield Senior Section Leader & Guide Leader 2013
Allison DOS-SANTOS Enfield Brownie Leader 2013
Elizabeth SHEPPARD Enfield Rainbow Leader 2013
Charlotte SEYMOUR Finchley & Friern Barnet Guide Leader 2013
Gillian ASQUITH Hendon Brownie Leader 2013
Carol BROWN Hendon Assistant Brownie Leader 2013
Anita YATES Hendon Rainbow Leader 2013
Alison PERRY Hendon Ranger Leader 2013
Sara SHERRARD Hendon Rainbow Leader 2013
Sally STRAUSS Hendon Brownie Leader 2013
Natasha RJABI Hendon Guide Leader 2013
Lisa ATTFIELD Finchley & Friern Barnet Brownies Leader 2013
Kristy BRADNUM Finchley & Friern Barnet Guide Leader 2013
Liz FULCHER Finchley & Friern Barnet Guide Leader 2013
Hannah FINLEY Finchley & Friern Barnet Brownie Leader 2013
Lynn Baker Barnet Brownie Leader 2014
Sarah Lane Barnet Guide Leader 2014
Annette Corry Enfield Brownie Leader 2014
Zoe Tomkins Edmonton Guide Leader 2014
Joanne Whitbread Edmonton Senior Section Leader 2014
Eileen Duffy Edmonton Rainbow Leader 2014
Lorraine Fergus Edmonton Brownie Leader 2014
Liora Wittner Finchley & Friern Barnet Brownie Leader 2014
Julia Cloke Southgate Brownie Leader 2014
Mary Boland Barnet Rainbow Leader 2015
Nuala Kiely Haringey Brownie Leader 2015
Elizabeth Bulgin Haringey Brownie Leader 2015