Our County Team

Adult Support Team
Leadership Coordinator Vacant Leadership@ggme.co.uk
Training Coordinator Sandra Hall Training@ggme.co.uk
Communications Team
Marketing and Communications Adviser Vacant MarketingAndCommunications@ggme.co.uk
County Forum Editor Colin Driver CountyForum@ggme.co.uk
Development Team
Development Adviser Vacant Development@ggme.co.uk
Membership Team
GO! Coordinator Iris Prince Go@ggme.co.uk 
Join Us Coordinator Marion Shute JoinUs@ggme.co.uk
Outdoor Team
Rainbow & Brownie Residential Adviser Frances Kantorowicz RandBResidential@ggme.co.uk 
Guide & Senior Section Residential Adviser Lynne Bishop GandSSResidential@ggme.co.uk 
Outdoor Activities Adviser Mags Kelly OutdoorActivities@ggme.co.uk
Walking Adviser Jacqui Edelman Walking@ggme.co.uk
Section Support Team
Adviser for Members with Disabilities vacant MembersWithDisabilities@ggme.co.uk
Arts Adviser Marion Shute Arts@ggme.co.uk
Brownie Adviser Julie Stainton Brownies@ggme.co.uk
Rainbow Adviser Lisa Sylvester Rainbows@ggme.co.uk
Guide Adviser Carole Bowley Guides@ggme.co.uk
Senior Section Team
4 Coordinator Martha Coleman 4@ggme.co.uk
DofE Adviser Louis Wohlgemuth DofE@ggme.co.uk
International Adviser Kirsty Smith International@ggme.co.uk
 Queen’s Guide Adviser Laura Bridle QueensGuide@ggme.co.uk
Senior Section Adviser Vacant SeniorSection@ggme.co.uk
Young Leader Adviser Vacant YoungLeaders@ggme.co.uk