Girlguiding Good Service Brooch with Certificate

Nancy BAKER Southgate & County Trainer; Division Assistant 1979
Rene BELL Finchley & Friern Barnet Brownie Guider 1979
K. BROWN Haringey West District Commissioner 1979
Connie HEARNE Wembley Ranger Guider 1979
Kit NISBETT Southgate District Commissioner 1979
Maisie TURNER Barnet Guide Guider 1979
Hazel CHAPMAN Finchley & Friern Barnet Assistant Division Commissioner; Trainer 1979
Pat CHENNELS Finchley & Friern Barnet Brownie Guider 1979
Violet CHESTER Barnet Brownie Guider 1979
Winifred MEEKINS Alexandra Park District Commissioner 1979
Kitty STUDENT-CUMMINS Finchley & Friern Barnet Brownie & Guide Guider 1979
Dorothy WRIGHT Enfield Assistant County Secretary 1979
Loraine EDWARDS Southgate Guide Guider; Trainer 1980
A. GARNEY Southgate   1980
Ethel GRIFFITHS Enfield   1980
Thelma   HARRIS Finchley & Friern Barnet Guide Guider; Ranger Guider 1980
Phyllis WILSON Southgate   1980
Kathleen HAYES Southgate County Trefoil Guild Chairman; District Commissioner 1980
Jessie LOWDEN Southgate Guide Guider; Trainer 1980
Frances MILLIGAN Wembley   1980
Jean PAGE Southgate   1980
Helen PYE-BERAET Wembley   1980
Alice SPARROW Willesden Assistant Division Commissioner 1980
Brenda STEELE Finchley & Friern Barnet District Treasurer 1980
B. TAYLOR Southgate   1980
Edith MORAN Southgate Guide Guider 1980
Betty VOKINS Southgate Guide Guider 1980
Kathleen LANGLEY Southgate District Commissioner 1980
G. CULL Alexandra Park District Commissioner 1980
Vera DAVIS Southgate Division Commissioner 1980
Ethel DIXON Enfield Guider 1980
Joan EWIN Finchley & Friern Barnet Embroiderer, County & Region Standards 1980
Sheila HATTON Wembley District Commissioner 1980
Vera BIRD Wembley   1981
Kit NISBETT Southgate District Commissioner 1981
Kathleen WEATHERSTONE East Middlesex  Brownie Guider 1981
Doris WRIGHT East Middlesex      County Treasurer 1981
Joyce FLEMING Haringey Central   1981
Irene CROUCH County County Secretary 1981
Loraine EDWARDS Southgate County Programme and Training Adviser 1982
Jessie LOWDEN County Adviser for Members with Disabilities 1982
Doreen COLES Finchley & Friern Barnet Division Camp Adviser 1982
May DUNTON Finchley & Friern Barnet   1982
Margaret VOKES Hendon Brownie Guider 1982
Daisy ASHFORD Alexandra Park Brownie Guider 1982
Doreen BROOK Edmonton Division Commissioner 1982
Diana GROUNDS County Trefoil Guild Chairman; County International Adviser 1982
Vera JACKSON Finchley & Friern Barnet Cadet Guider 1982
Gladys KERSEY Wembley Assistant Division Commissioner 1982
Betty PEARCE Wembley District Commissioner 1982
Pat RADFORD Wembley Division Commissioner 1982
Eileen STREET Finchley & Friern Barnet Division Commissioner 1982
Jean PAGE Southgate   1983
Elinor PALOMBI Haringey Borough Commissioner 1983
Joyce DORRILL Enfield Division Commissioner 1983
Diana ODELL Edmonton Division Commissioner 1983
Joan PALEY Enfield   1983
Dorothy SCADDEN Hendon Brownie Guider 1983
Marina BROWN Enfield Ranger Guider; Treasurer, Northern Heights Campsite 1984
Marjorie INWARD Haringey East Division President 1984
Jessie ROBERTSON Haringey Central District Commissioner 1984
Joan ROSS Haringey East Ranger Guider & Extensions 1984
Rita WILLIAMS Wembley Brownies Guider 1984
Queenie BROWN Southgate Division Commissioner 1985
Kathleen HAYES Southgate District Commissioner 1985
May McNALLY Barnet Guide Guider 1985
Phyllis WILSON Southgate   1985
Jean ABBOT Alexandra Park Assistant Guide Guider 1985
Sylvia ACOTT Alexandra Park Assistant Brownie Guider 1985
Sheila DAWSON-CAMPBELL Southgate District Commissioner 1985
Jean HOWLISTON Hendon Guide Guider; Trainer 1985
Sister      VI MAY Barnet Division Commissioner 1985
Kay STEELE Finchley & Friern Barnet District Commissioner; Trainer 1985
Freda REDFEARN Alexandra Park Guide Guider 1986
Marjorie SPEED Wembley Guide Guider; District Assistant 1986
Pamela WILLCOX Alexandra Park District Commissioner; Camp Adviser 1986
Josephine CROFT Wembley Guide Guider 1987
Winifred ELKINS Alexandra Park Brownie Guider 1987
Nina LAPPERT Wembley Division Commissioner 1987
Joyce SKERRATT Edmonton District Commissioner; Brownie Guider 1987
Helen     PYE-BERAET Wembley   1988
Joyce      SPAIN Tottenham District Commissioner 1988
Edna GREEN Enfield Brownie Guider 1988
Vera MAYO Edmonton Guide Guider; Camp Adviser; District Assistant 1988
Barbara PHARAOH Edmonton Division Secretary 1988
Ethel WHITE Edmonton International Adviser 1988
Eileen YEATES Finchley & Friern Barnet District Commissioner 1988
Brenda DEAS Finchley & Friern Barnet Division Commissioner 1989
Joan PERHAM Willesden   1989
Betty SAUNDERS Enfield Guide Guider 1989
Gladys THOMPSON Haringey Central District Commissioner 1989
Joyce SCROXTON County County Commissioner 1989
Lorna HARRIS Finchley & Friern Barnet Brownie Guider, District Assistant 1990
Margaret KINSEY Barnet Brownie Guider 1990
Freda MOULDEN Enfield Guide Guider 1990
Jennifer PALMER County County Camp Adviser 1990
Marion BIRD Wembley Trainer 1990
Nicole BORREMANS Wembley County Arts Adviser; Trainer 1990
Phyllis COPSEY Finchley & Friern Barnet   1990
Edna GREEN Enfield   1990
Gwen SIDEY East Middlesex Pack Holiday Adviser 1990
Audrey PERRIN Southgate Division Commissioner 1990
Barbara DARWOOD Hendon Guide Guider; Trainer; County Programme Training Adviser 1991
Kathy DAVIS Southgate Trainer; County Outdoor Activity Adviser 1991
Betty FOX Wembley District Commissioner 1991
Doreen GRAY Southgate Division Commissioner 1991
Doreen HUDSON Edmonton Division Commissioner 1991
Brenda GOVE Hendon Brownie Guider 1991
Ethel FITZJOHN Edmonton Brownie Guider; District Commissioner 1992
Joyce HINVES Willesden Guide Guider; Brownie Guider 1992
Sheila HUNT Barnet Division Commissioner; County Arts Adviser 1992
Jessie KEMPSON Willesden   1992
Ray WICKS Hendon Brownie Guider; Pack Holiday Adviser 1992
Margaret VOKES Hendon District Assistant 1992
Janice SEED Edmonton Brownie Guider 1992
Jean ALLMAN Southgate County Adviser for Members with Disabilities 1992
Mary COULTER Hendon Editor, County Courier 1993
Jean CARR Edmonton Brownie Guider 1993
Pauline HAYES Barnet Brownie Guider 1993
Sylvia KINGSLEY Wembley Senior Section Adviser; Division Commissioner 1993
Margaret LARKINS Finchley & Friern Barnet Division Commissioner 1993
Mary ROUS Finchley & Friern Barnet District Commissioner 1993
Vera WILSON Wembley Guide Guider 1993
Barbara DARWOOD Region Region Guide Adviser; Region Assistant International Adviser 1994
Janet CHISHOLM County County Programme & Training Adviser 1995
Valerie   FELSTEAD County County Commissioner 1995
Joyce PIPER Finchley & Friern Barnet Guider 1995
Angela WESTON Hendon Assistant County Commissioner 1996
Brenda BROWN Alexandra Park District Commissioner 1996
Julie       DRIVER Barnet Chair, County Programme and Training; Division Commissioner 1996
Iris PRINCE County County Treasurer 1996
Valerie WORMS Hendon Division Commissioner 1996
Nina CLARKE Enfield Division Commissioner; County Outdoor Activity Adviser 1997
Connie TOPPING Alexandra Park County International Adviser 1998
Joyce WOODING Finchley & Friern Barnet Brownie Guider 1998
Shiela LEVI Barnet Brownie Guider 1999
Muriel SHAW Finchley & Friern Barnet Division Commissioner 2000
Doreen OATHAM Southgate Division Commissioner 2001
Janet TAYLOR Hendon Division Commissioner 2003
Pam LANE Barnet Division Commissioner 2005
Pat MARTIN Alexandra Park Division Commissioner 2006
Anne HUDSON County County Commissioner 2006
Jean HOLLOWAY Haringey Guide Guider 2007
Janice WEBB Haringey Guide Guider 2007
Marion SHUTE Willesden Division Commissioner 2007
Julie JAMES Hendon Division Commissioner 2008
Gill WALLACE Wembley Division Commissioner 2008
Anne KIRK Willesden Brownie Guider 2008
Daphne GUNN Southgate Guide Guider 2009
Ruth HOYLAND Finchley & Friern Barnet Division Commissioner 2009
Geraldine GRIFFITHS Southgate Division Commissioner 2009
Jenny SPARKS Finchley & Friern Barnet District Commissioner 2009
Eileen EYTON Hendon Brownie Guider & District Commissioner 2009
Pam DANIELS County County Commissioner 2009
Virginia TAYLOR Southgate Ranger Guider 2010
Louise JENKINS Edmonton Division Commissioner 2010
Frances KANTOROWICZ  County County Pack Holiday Adviser 2010
Beverley POLLARD Hendon Brownie Guider & County Queens Guide Adviser 2010
Susan GILLET Enfield Brownie Guider 2010
Penelope YOUNG County Trainer & Commissioner Tutor Co-ordinator and Verifier 2010
Jenni MARTIN Edmonton District Commissioner and Guide Guider 2010
Ruth TUNKEL Finchley & Friern Barnet Guide Leader 2011
Stephanie FREEMAN Hendon Ranger Leader 2011
Margaret HACKNEY County Adviser for Members with Disabilities 2011
Sue FLEMING Haringey Guide Leader 2011
Angela PUTZ Haringey Brownie Leader 2011
Jacqueline MARTYR Enfield Division Commissioner 2011
Peggy BRAND Wembley Division Commissioner 2011
Sarah MATEJCZYK Haringey Division Commissioner 2011
Tracy RAINBOW Enfield Rainbow, Guide & Senior Section Leader 2011
Susan MARSHALL Enfield Guide & Senior Section Leader 2011
Alison FOSTER Enfield Division Camp Adviser & Guide Leader 2011
Sandra BISHOP Enfield Rainbow Leader  
Carole BOWLEY Hendon Guide Leader  
Stephanie COOK Hendon Brownie Leader  
Jacqueline EDELMAN Finchley & Friern Barnet Division Leader  
Helen ERRINGTON Middlesex East County County Coordinator  
Rebecca FREEDMAN Southgate Guide Leader  
Sarah HAGGER Southgate Brownie Leader  
Alison JOHNS Finchley & Friern Barnet Brownie Leader  
Jess KELLY Middlesex East County Assistant County Commissioner 2015
Margaret KELLY Haringey Brownie Leader  
Karen LANDI Southgate Brownie Leader  
Sarah LANE Barnet Guide Leader  
Kathleen MULVEY Haringey Guide Leader  
Alison NUGENT Barnet Guide Leader 2015
Pamela PERRY Hendon District Administrator  
Lisa SYLVESTER Edmonton Division Commissioner