How does it work?
Camp will run through a dedicated website which will go live a week before the event.
There will be lots of activities to choose from, some to download and do offline, some will have videos to watch too.

How can I join in?
All activities are designed to be done at home with your family, if you would like to share pictures you can add them to our facebook event page or post on social media. Twitter @GirlguidingMdxE and Instagram @girlguiding_middlesex_east.

What things do I need?
Check out the general kit list here.
Some activities require special equipment or food items. Check out the Activity Description which lists any equipment or food you will need.

How do I get a badge?
You can pre-order a badge by emailing countycommissioner@ggme.co.uk, stating the number of badges and your unit name.
Badges will cost £1.50 or less, depending on how many are ordered.
Orders will close on Sunday 9 August 2020.
Badges will be distributed via your units, if you are from a different county we may need to add the cost of postage.

Do any of the activities count towards my theme awards and section awards?
Some activities are part of the Girlguiding programme, look for the information in the Activity Description.
If you complete these remember to make a note and tell your Leader so that they can be added to your record.

Can my siblings and friends join in, even if they are not members?
Definitely, the more the merrier!