Camp 2020 FAQ’s

We thought we’d put together some Frequently Asked Questions because there’s always plenty of questions wherever camp is concerned! Keep checking back as this page will be constantly updated as time goes by.

We’ve grouped them together to make it easier for you. If you can’t see your question here then please email us at


What kind of activities will be available?

There will be Gilwell Park Activities, such as raft building, climbing and rifle shooting. We are also providing some Marvelous Middlesex East Activities, which we have designed and in some cases, built (!) ourselves. Information regarding the activities available will be released closer to the time.

How many participants per activity group?

Participants will be grouped into groups of 12.

Can I stay with my own girls?

Yes, leaders will be expected to be with girls from their own units within their divisions to escort to and supervise on activities.

Are all the activities instructor led? 

Some Marvelous Middlesex East Activities will be self led, but don’t worry, they will still be brilliant fun! At least two Gilwell Activities are opened by an instructor but then self led.

If a young member does not want to participate in an assigned activity, can they swap? 

We will try and be as accommodating as possible to allow our young members to get the most out of camp.


Which buildings are the indoor accommodation?

We have booked Jack Petchey Lodge, Dorothy Hughes and Branchet Lodge.



Will there be alcohol on site for adults?

Alcohol will not be available for any participant at event. We would recommend that adults did not drink whilst on camp, and we refer you to the guidance from Girlguiding regarding attending large scale events.


How will those with allergies be identified?

Participants who have any allergies or medical conditions will wear wrist bands which will help adults identify where someone has an allergy or a particular need.


What time can we arrive on Friday?

The event opens from 4pm in Friday for participants.

Can we arrive by coach?

Yes, you are welcome to bring participants by coach or minibus. Participants can also be dropped off by their parents. We will have a robust traffic system in place because it will be busy!

My girls are being dropped off at different times, how will they know where to find our camp?

We will have a dedicated arrivals team who will be on hand to help direct participants to where they need to be.

Camp Merchandise

What merchandise will there be?

We are keeping it simple; each participant will receive a Camp 2020 badge and a Camp 2020 t-shirt.

Will I be able to buy more badges and more t-shirts at the event?

If we have spares left over, these will be these will be on sale at the event.


Day Visitors

Are day visitors allowed?

We are sorry, but no day visitors will be allowed.





First Aid



Mobile Phones





Young Leaders